My Tribute Site to Mistress Devon

{April 23, 2007}   My Obssession with Goddess Devon

im in love with Goddess. even though i know she would never accept the love i have from one of her slaves. i accept this as i know it would be an insult to Goddess if i thought she would ever have anything but contempt for a loser.

Goddess is only interested in my paycheck, and so she should be. what can i offer her other than that. amusement at best.

i read all of Goddess Devons postings in her digest and website. i love to read the introductions and confessions of all Goddesses new slaves. i feel jealous of them spending time with my Goddess. how pathetic am i. of course shes spending time with them, shes draining their accounts completely. pathetic losers i think, they deserve to lose it all, and they certainly do. i feel so proud of Goddess. the way she exploits and uses the idiots. then i think of all the cash pouring into her account, all the losers working so hard for her. then i think of Goddess shopping, buyig beautiful and expensive clothes, enjoying herself, taking exotic holidays and laughing about us while we work hard to give her more.

selfishly, i wish i was Goddess Devons only slave, but im so glad she has many many losers supporting her because, after all Goddess Devons happiness is all that matters.

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