My Tribute Site to Mistress Devon

{January 31, 2007}   Sincere apologies to Goddess Devon from a pathetic wimp

I am speaking to Goddess Devon now. I was stupid and ran away from Mistress because i am a pathetic loser. I want everyone to know that i am owned by Mistress Devon. A slave, worthless. I live to worship this Queen. Goddess Devon please accept my humble aplogies for being such a loser.

subgarfield says:


Just a comment to commend you on a effective work of dedication to Your sensuous controlling Goddess Devon. Finding myself entrapped by Her aura of enticement and control, i am hesitant and confused, however twice this week i found myself clicking on lists voting for Devon. Your blog found me voting on your 50+ listings. The sites with links “vote exclusively for Devon” are straight forward. The sites such as Cash Cow, Dream XXX, I love the Devil, Niteflirt Phone Sex, Seductive Entertainment, The Sadistic Bitch, etc where Goddess Devon is front band center i click that banner also. I am curious,,, on clicking all the links does a vote automatically go the Your wonderful Goddess Devon, or must one scroll through these particular sights and click Her banner.

Perhaps i shall remain confused and hesitant, still that does not prevent me from somehow contributing and promoting such a persuasive and controlling Goddess.

In closing,,, your dedication is obviously heart felt and impressive.

yes subgarfield voting is wonderful feeling. it is hard work but knowing that you are serving and hopefully enriching Goddess is the most rewarding experience. i suggest you vote every other day to start with. then you may consider reading her sites and maybe phoning her. all of that later though. glad to see you voting.

the boy says:

i serve Mz Devon daily. i am happy you both do too.

hi boy nice to meet you. how long have you served Goddess

[…] is a little of their exchange, you can click on this link to read the whole silly slave connection. Not only do I give my puppets *ME*, I give them little […]

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