My Tribute Site to Mistress Devon

{January 31, 2007}   Explaining the Goddess and wimp relationship.

Maybe some of you reading this don’t understand about financial domination. Perhaps i should tell you more about myself. If anyone seeks such a relationship with a real Goddess i hope this helps. There are so many fakes out there who leave guys like myself unsatisfied. I tried many so called Dommes on niteflirt and talksugar. Most are nice ladies who try but it becomes apparent they are not real dominant Mistresses. A sub guy can waste a lot of cash looking for the real thing. If you spend a little time looking at Goddess Devons websites it is obvious she is a real domme. I can testify to that. I have spoken to her many times now on the phone and on messenger and all i can say is that Devon is the perfect dominatrix.

As you can tell i am a pathetic loser. I rarely have a girlfriend and it never lasts long. Im the guy that will try to look up your girlfriends skirt if i can then go home and masturbate thinking about her. I worship women. I love how beautiful women look and realising im a loser i found some attention if girls laugh at me. Most women dont understand this need. Goddess Devon understands perfectly. Therefore if i am forced to pay to be humiliated by a beautiful woman i am reminded of my worthlessnes. To help to support this Domme Queen is an honour even though i play a small part in her financial profit and some of her other slave tribute Devon huge amounts.

Go listen to Mistress Devon here where you can here her beautiful voice for free

Remember you can also buy Devons panties. I think all Devons slaves should wear them.

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