My Tribute Site to Mistress Devon

{January 28, 2007}   I Can’t Hold Out Any Longer

As you can see i haven’t kept up with the blog. Through fear of the utter respect i have for Goddess Devon i have tried to stay away. But i have worshipped this incredible woman for 2 years now. I cannot escape. I try to leave, try to deny that i worship this Mistress but its no good. I am addicted to everything Goddess Devon does. So im back in panties sending begging emails to Goddess asking to be allowed back.

As usual Goddess has grown in power. The control she exerts over her growing empire and slaves seems unstoppable.
Thank you Mistress Devon for being you.

This woman is so beautiful. It is incredible how powerful she is. Yet she looks so sweet. Shes going away on a luxury holiday soon paid for by one of her slaves. She deserves nothing but the best. Goddess deserves to have everything done for her. She is becoming rich as is only right for a Ruler of men.

It’s about fucking time you updated this. Now message me so I can pat you on the head puppet.

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