My Tribute Site to Mistress Devon

{November 9, 2006}   My first day

Ive known for a few months that i would eventually submit to Mistress Devon. I became a wimp in 2002 after phoning various Mistresses. I came across Mistress Devon in 2005. I had never experienced anyone like her. I still tried other Godesses but none campared to her. Most phone Godesses on Niteflirt and Sugartalk are fake. Since i need real submission i always hung up on those pretty quick. Devon was different, i craved to speak to her more and more. Finally, yesterday i decided to beg her to own me.

Goddess Devon laughed at first and said that what i was willing to pay her wouldnt cover her starbucks bill. Some of her other slaves give thousands. Eventually i convinced her that i am serious and have finally accepted my position. Goddess has set me certain tasks to help prove myself. My first task is this blog. Its first purpose is to document my journey into complete ownership by this beautiful woman, for others to comment on and for Devons amusement. Its second purpose is to allow other wimps, cucks, sissies and paypigs to see my Goddess. Hopefully she will use them for her profit.

After chatting, phoning and paying tribute to Mistress last night, i have come home from work and im wearing panties. Im waiting for Princess.

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