My Tribute Site to Mistress Devon

{April 24, 2007}   My Goddess

I must apologise to Goddess Devon. I am a weak pathetic loser.

Im amazed and feel so weak when i read
Mistress Devons Blog i realise i will be owned forever. I’m happy to be laughed at by Mistress as even the merest attention from her is more than i deserve.

Take a look at my Goddess, can you blame me.


As you can see Mistress Devon is beautiful. I spend much of my spare time looking at her pictures. Any wimp sissy sub or loser join Mistress Devons Worship site. This lady is the best and for real. Lets all work together to ensure her wealth and success.

{April 24, 2007}   My night

I spent my night alone worshipping Goddess Devon. i have a guy i rent a room to because it helps with the mortgage. his girlfriend came over last night. he is so lucky, i hung around her as much as possible trying to see all i could. i got a good peek up her skirt a couple of times.

when they went to bed i voted for goddess. i could hear them fucking as i voted. since i stole a pair of her panties i put them on my face and jerked off telling myself what a loser i am.

im at work now. i got in late cos i never went to bed till 4am. im trying to hide the fact that im voting and writing my blog for Goddess at work.

{April 23, 2007}   Confession

i have stolen panties from 3 of my friends wives and girlfriends. i wear them over my face when i sleep.

i chant “i am a loser” during masturbation to remind myself.

{April 23, 2007}   New Slaves

i love to read what Goddess is doing with her other slaves. she has a new one shes sissified and called michelle. Goddess is taking large amounts of cash from him. right now goddess has him locked in a cock cage. its a numbered lock so he cant undo it without her knowing. he has to live with his wife and hide it. Goddess is taxing him hard.

read his blog

im in love with Goddess. even though i know she would never accept the love i have from one of her slaves. i accept this as i know it would be an insult to Goddess if i thought she would ever have anything but contempt for a loser.

Goddess is only interested in my paycheck, and so she should be. what can i offer her other than that. amusement at best.

i read all of Goddess Devons postings in her digest and website. i love to read the introductions and confessions of all Goddesses new slaves. i feel jealous of them spending time with my Goddess. how pathetic am i. of course shes spending time with them, shes draining their accounts completely. pathetic losers i think, they deserve to lose it all, and they certainly do. i feel so proud of Goddess. the way she exploits and uses the idiots. then i think of all the cash pouring into her account, all the losers working so hard for her. then i think of Goddess shopping, buyig beautiful and expensive clothes, enjoying herself, taking exotic holidays and laughing about us while we work hard to give her more.

selfishly, i wish i was Goddess Devons only slave, but im so glad she has many many losers supporting her because, after all Goddess Devons happiness is all that matters.

{April 23, 2007}   More problems

due to my obsession with Goddess Devon i missed some payments on my mortgage. ive paid some but my payments have been less than they should be. i knew it was going to happen but i couldnt stop myself. basically im being threatened with reposession if i dont make my payments.

i told Goddess about these problems. she laughed and ordered me to phone her. i tried not to, i begged but Goddess made me phone her at $20 per minute to repeat over and over that i was a loser.

{April 23, 2007}   Deep Financial Problems

i havent been able to speak to Goddess for a couple of weeks. obviously Goddess Devon will only talk to me when my account is being drained. i’m not as rich as some of her other slaves so ive been struggling financially. not that this is any concern to Goddess, in fact i think she enjoys her losers ruination. lets face it, we deserve it. some men are worthless losers and that definitely applies to me. when i cant afford any of Goddess Devons precious time i worship her daily any way i can. i like to watch her niteflirt accounts see when shes busy or read feedback. i vote for Goddess in panties i must admit that gets my wimpy cock hard thinking i am helping my owner. i enjoy her digest, reading what her other losers give. it is awesome to witness Goddess draining her slaves.

Goddess just IM’d me on messenger so i’ll write about my last experiences in the next posting.

{April 10, 2007}   Selling CD’s to pay Goddess

i paid $10 per min to be completely ignored by Goddess and i wrote feedback whilst on ignore. over messenger Goddess ordered me to ring again and again and keep writing feedback. Then my account was drained 3 times at $20 per minute. i wasn’t ignored, Goddess made me repeat over and over “i am a loser Goddess” while she laughed at me.

Eventually in the morning my card was maxed so i had to sell some records just to get throught the week.

i was just contacted by someone called Princess Kali. She was asking me to send her payment through paypal. I asked why and she said she was a princess. Well lets face it, my names DEVONSwimploser so obviously i’m not going to waste cash that could be sent to Mz Devon on a wannabe princess.

i dont like to be rude but even though im owned by Goddess Devon and some may say im biased, this girl was kinda fat and ugly.

Ive worshipped goddess Devon for 3 years now. in my early days i might have and probably did try other wannabes. But when a slave finally finds the real thing there is simply no point in even talking to these copycat wannabe girls. They just don’t understand what a Domme/slave relationship is.

Hopefully Goddess will not be angry with me when she reads this

{April 8, 2007}   More worship for Goddess

Goddess is now ignoring me on her line at $10 per minutewhile she makes me write feedback for paymails. i sit with the phone down as my account is drained. my mortgage is suffering and im finding it hard to keep up with my bills.

now my account is drained i am sent to vote for goddess while she drains other slaves

et cetera